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This Morning's Headlines

The first production Boeing 787 is seen on the tarmac after it's first flight in Seattle, Wash. on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.
AP Photo/John Froschauer
The first production Boeing 787 is seen on the tarmac after it's first flight in Seattle, Wash. on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.

787 Test Flight Fire "Significant"

The 787 test planes are grounded indefinitely until Boeing can figure out how a fire started during a Tuesday flight.  This morning, company officials said the fire caused "significant" damage to a power panel.  It then spread to an insulation blanket.  Pilots had to make an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas, activating emergency slides.  Industry analyst Scott Hamilton of Issaquah-based Leeham Co., tells the Wichita Business Journal:

“This is the last thing (Boeing) needed," said Hamilton, "Boeing's under enormous pressure."

Hamilton said the latest setback compounds delivery delays to Boeing's early 787 customers.


Boeing's Better News

The new south Seattle assembly plant for the  P-8 military surveillance plane opened Thursday.  Dubbed by some as the 'Sub Killer,' the 737-version planes will replace the nation's aging P-3 fleet. KPLU's Bellamy Pailthorp was there for the ribbon cutting.  Boeing VP Chuck Dabondo told her:

"It performs an awesome mission for our country and if you look at its ability to do surveillance and fly over the water and detect and track submarines and protect our fleets in the ocean, it's just an important mission and a very relevant mission for the country today."


King County Sheriff Braces for Big Cuts

Fewer deputies and prosecutors. They're among the 300 total jobs that would be eliminated under a new King County spending plan. It goes up for a committee vote today, and could be finalized at Monday's full council.  Sheriff Sue Rahr's office is taking the brunt of the layoffs: 28 deputies and 40 vacant positions, including eliminating property crime investigation teams. 

Council members say the cuts might have been less severe had the King County Police Officer's Guild had agreed to forego 5% raises this year, according to The Seattle Times.  Many other county unions offered up concession. Police Union leaders told the county they negotiated in good faith.


More Explosives Found Near Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal

Old World War-II ammunition has been recovered from the waters under Pier 91, where cruise ship liners dock in Seattle.  A KING-TV investigation saysafter divers brought the explosives to the surface this fall, more ammo was discovered by divers yesterday.  The Smith Cove - Pier 91 site was a Navy supply depot during World War II through the 1970's.  Port of Seattle and military leaders say they to fully inspect the site before the cruise ships return next April. They tell KING-TV the explosives pose no imminent danger to the community.


A Moment of Dog

OK, I'm a little sentimental, and this one got to me.  A man, his dog, and the relationship that lasts.