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Moon Hooch launches new album into the stratosphere, with two shows in Seattle this weekend.

Brooklyn trio Moon Hooch present their new continuous play album 2021: A Hooch Odyssey. They're at Nectar Lounge in Seattle May 7 and 8.
Courtesy of Moon Hooch
Brooklyn trio Moon Hooch present their new continuous play album "2021: A Hooch Odyssey". They're at Nectar Lounge in Seattle on May 7 and 8.

Brooklyn-based trio Moon Hooch are unique in many ways. From their line-up of two saxophones and a drummer to their unique jazz-meets-rave musical style; their use of traffic cones to alter the sound of their instruments, and their dedication to making a positive change in the world.

Live in concert, you also experience the trio's incredible stamina. In 90-minute sets, the trio rarely stops for breath, pausing only to switch between their collection of saxophones and other woodwinds.

Accordingly, the February Bandcamp-exclusive release of their new album "2021: A Hooch Odyssey" is sequenced for continuous play. Bookended by new songs "RAR" and "Wenzl Grass," Moon Hooch offer non-stop remixes of some of their favorite dance floor fillers as well as a few subdued ruminations.

While thrashing energy does describe much of the live Moon Hooch experience, the slower pace of both new songs and the remix of "Low 3" gives drummer James Muschler a brief break from the frenzy. Wenzl McGowen and Mike Wilbur blend beautifully, thick bass sounds on baritone and contrabass clarinet supporting impassioned melodies on tenor and soprano saxophones and electric wind instruments.

You'll find the passion and the power of Moon Hooch at Nectar Lounge in Fremont, May 7 and 8, where you can be part of what McGowen calls an "energy feedback loop" with the energy of the musicians and the audience amplifying their enthusiasm to wild heights.

Tune in for a song from "2021: A Hooch Odyssey" on "The New Cool" Friday night and stay connected to our fan page for updates on live modern jazz in the Pacific Northwest.

"The New Cool" airs Fridays at 9 p.m., hosted by Abe Beeson and produced by KNKX Public Radio in Seattle, Wash.

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