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Wit Whiz?

Mar 30, 2011

The headlined question can be further refined -- and refined is the word -- to "Light, Tex-Mex, Salsa Con Queso, or Italia?"

Yep -- we're talkin' Cheez Whiz, now available in the four varieties mentioned above plus "regular." It's the topping of choice for some lovers of the authentic Philadelphia cheese steak.  For others nothing but a nice provolone will do. 

Philly native Nancy Leson swears she's never eaten Cheese Whiz on a cheese steak but she didn't say she'd never eaten Cheez Whiz at all. Because I am occasionally a gentleman I didn't press her on it.

During this episode Nancy and I got to talking about regional sandwich favorites, like mine from New York, the sausage and pepper sub. What's your favorite from those thrilling days of youthful and indiscriminate sandwich gorging?  

“I've got brown sandwiches and green sandwiches - it's either very new cheese or very old meat.”
- Oscar Madison in "The Odd Couple" by Neil Simon