Seahawks Offense Has To Carry Defense In Key Game Against Rams | KNKX

Seahawks Offense Has To Carry Defense In Key Game Against Rams

Dec 15, 2017

The Seahawks host the Los Angeles Rams Sunday afternoon in an NFC West showdown. KNKX sports commentator Art Thiel says things are going to look different in this game.

"I'm calling it a paradigm shift," Thiel said.

"The Seahawks, for the first time, really, in the (Pete) Carroll era, are going to have to rely heavily on the offense because the defense is so battered and bruised with injuries."

"They no longer can carry a team like they did ever since Carroll's been there and, really, through the first part of this season."

Offense Up To The Task

Thiel said the offense appears ready to take the lead. He said last week's game against Jacksonville highlighted the team's once-beleaguered running game.

"The Seahawks actually ran the ball 141 yards. And they averaged 5.9 yards a carry," Thiel said. "That's a big deal because the Seahawks haven't been able to run the ball."

"They've got a running back now in Mike Davis who seems to be recovered from some bruised ribs and is the best thing they've got going in a running game."

"On the offensive line, they've actually got a combination on the left side of newcomer Duane Brown with Luke Joeckel now back healthy. They can run the ball first," he said. "And (quarterback) Russell Wilson is having very close to a Most Valuable Player year as a passer and a runner."

Balanced Offense

"I think they've finally reached that point where they're a balanced offense that can be very hard for the Rams to defend," Thiel continued. "The Rams are 28th in the league this year in run defense."

"So, I sense some vulnerability and I sense a balanced Seahawks team that can actually respond besides just Russell getting back there and chucking or running from harm."

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