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Nautical Nancy goes cruisin'

Jul 11, 2012

My Food for Thought Co-conspirator Nancy Leson, previously a happy land lubber, was recently cajoled into a trip to Mexico on one of those giant cruise ships.  The good news?  The tales of heroic eating you've heard are true.  The not so good news?  

The eating wasn't all that great.  At least not on the ship.  But she did get some pretty savory street chow (pictured above) in Ensenada. Hear all about it by clicking "Listen." 

And for a guaranteed good time on the water join me and that mighty engine of rhythm Pearl Django for the 20th annual KPLU Sunday Brunch Jazz Cruise, Sunday, August 12.

The Great Garlic Harvest

I planted something like 60 cloves last November.    Everything came up okay but sometime around June about two thirds of them croaked horribly.  Some kind of garlic rot from space, I guess. So after nine months of waiting all I got were 20 good garlic plants.  At least I won't have pay to send them to college.

Take a look.  It's the pic right behind Nancy's Ensenada street hawker shot. 

"What time is the midnight buffet served?"

– #10 of The Top Ten silliest questions asked by cruise ship passengers