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Musicians Provide Peace, Hope To Monroe Inmates

Mar 3, 2018

This story originally aired on May 6, 2017

Finding peace of mind can be a challenge for many of us. But it can be especially difficult for inmates in prison. You’re locked away. Surrounded by hundreds of others; some of whom landed behind bars for doing some pretty bad things. There are few moments of relief.

Staff with the Washington Department of Corrections and members of the Seattle Symphony have been trying to give those inmates a respite and time to find that peace.

A trio with the symphony performed recently for a group of about 40 inmates at the Monroe Correctional Complex. 88.5’s Ariel Van Cleave attended the concert to find out how the performances affect not just the prisoners, but the musicians as well. She brought back this audio postcard.  

Voices: Steve Bryant, Joy Payton-Stevens, Dion Thomas and Kevin Broers

Music: Arthur Bachmann's "Wild Iris," Johann Sebastian Bach's "Canon" from the "Musical Offering" and Ludwig van Beethoven's "Trio, Op. 9/3 Scherzo"