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Food for Thought: Why have I ignored French cooking?

Sep 30, 2020

Even I had to laugh. After all my years in the kitchen I'd never had much interest in a cuisine on the very short list of world's greatest. Then a YouTube video from the French Cooking Academy made me a believer.

The video I happened upon was for Poulet saute chasseur – Hunter's chicken. It looked so good and like so much fun to make that I had to try it.

As you'll see in the recipe, it's just braised chicken with mushrooms in a reinforced chicken stock with white wine and brandy. It took most of the day to make, but only about half that was hands-on time.


Well, I'm sold. I'll be getting deeper into French cooking by way of Stephane and the French Cooking Academy. On the list for next time: His hearty cabbage and bacon soup.


Once Nancy Leson stopped laughing about my belated discovery of la cuisine Française, she told me how she'd recently made  a Molly Stevens recipe, Yankee Pot Roast, another braised dish.

Nance threw in some mushrooms, too.
Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

With cooler, wetter weather on the way, we're both looking forward to fall and winter cooking from both sides of the Atlantic.


"If you're afraid of butter, use cream.” – Julia Child