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Food for Thought: Stock-up suggestions with legs

Mar 18, 2020

Nancy Leson and I are beating the 6-foot social distancing rule by many miles for the CoviDuration by recording via broadcast-quality phone line. I'm alone in our Tacoma studios and she's in her bedroom closet in Edmonds. “The quietest space in the house," she says. "So we won't be interrupted by sirens, doorbells and dog barks."

In this week's Food for Thought, Nancy names the stuff she's trying to keep on hand to stave off culinary boredom and shares a good suggestion from one of our favorite cookbook authors on how to support local farmers and freeze produce at home.

Andrea Nguyen posted her method on how to “Be your own Clarence Birdseye” and home-freeze produce.


Freeze now, eat later
Credit Andrea Nguyen


My "underlying conditions" have been competing for primacy for years and they'd be mightily miffed if some Johnny-come-lately virus cut in ahead of them to drag me over the finish line. So I'm staying home for the duration and using this time to cook with what we've got and do some deep cleaning in my kitchen. Check the audio for Nancy's list of food supplies she most wants on hand.

And please play it safe.

Life changes faster than you think.” – Amy Tan