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Food For Thought: Less Fun To Cook For One?

Oct 12, 2016

To: Nancy Leson

From: Stein

Hey Nance!  How about this for the blog pic?  You in a ratty bathrobe and face cream in a darkened kitchen, standing in the light from the open 'fridge with a wad of salami in your hand.

What woman would agree to be photographed like that?   Nancy Leson; that's who.  What a trouper!  That photo is in reference to the love of late night cold-cuts she expresses in this week's FfT.  "I will just take a piece of smoked ham or salami and eat it just straight."

It all started when I asked her if she found it less fun to cook when she was the only one eating.

"I'd rather  cook by myself,"  she said. "I don't want help in the kitchen."   Me neither.  It's usually more trouble than it's worth.  But what I really meant was is it less fun when there's no one around to cook for.

Nancy has no problem with solitary cooking and dining.  She says her favorite dining companions are "me, myself, and I."

Not so for me.  Oh sure, when my cowgirl, the lovely and talented Calamity Cheryl DeGroot is off roundin' up the dogies in Montana or Idaho, I do run wild cooking for myself for the first few days.  I make stuff she just won't eat, though not the deep-fried lard balls I joke about in this segment which if you think about it is obviously impossible.

But after those first few days I don't get the pleasure out of cooking just for myself that I do when cooking for others.   What about you?  Do you do less serious cooking when it's just you?

"Once in a while it's nice to eat what we want and enjoy it without conversation."  – Elizabeth Passarella