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Food for Thought: Friends sharing food

Aug 19, 2020

Nancy Leson thinks there's more sharing going on these days, especially of food, and I agree. Just down the block from us in East Tacoma a neighbor is cultivating two raised beds of produce, free for the taking.

Nancy's friends have been dropping off everything from home made masks to strawberries to fresh seafoood. I need to get to know these people.

On two occasions recently, friends have brought fresh caught King salmon fillets to Nancy's house. In return she's shared some of the five pints of sour cherry preserves she made from her Montmorency tree. “I opened one of them and put it on some Trader Joe's cheese blintzes. It was just like the blintzes of my childhood and I loved them so well that I actually shared a pint with my pal Linda who grew up eating blintzes just like that."

Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

Nobody's given us anything like all that, but maybe if we gave more we'd get more. I started two tomatillo plants this spring and now they're producing like wild.

Credit stein / KNKX

I can make a lot of salsa verde out of all those tomatillos. Maybe I can trade some of it to friends for ummm, I dunno... 10 pounds of Dungeness crab?

Well, maybe not.


We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something it eat and drink.” – Epicurus”