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Food for Thought: Fast and Easy Meals

Sep 6, 2017

I got so excited last week listening to Nancy describe her homemade tortillas that I ran right out and bought a tortilla press and some masa harina.  My intention was a taco feast with homemade Mexican chorizo and salsa verde and homemade tortillas.  What could go wrong?

Well, two out of three ain't bad.  The chorizo came out fine.  I followed Kenji's recipe from Serious Eats, which also offers a vegan recipe.  The salsa verde, which I've made in the past, is easy, too.  And after listening to Nancy brag how simple it was I expected the same for the tortillas.

Good thing I had emergency back-up in the freezer.  I sandwiched each little ball of masa dough between two squares cut from a Ziploc just as Nancy suggested in our Home Made Tortillas FfT.  It didn't help.  I still couldn't peel the tortilla off the plastic without tearing it up.

I suspect the mixture was too wet.  If you make your own tortillas I'd love to hear what you think might've gone wrong in the comments section below.

Nice 'n' Easy

Nancy wanted to know what I like for a quick and easy meal.  My answer is pictured above.  Nance suggested quick sauteed chicken breast or pork tenderloin, deglazed with wine or a stone fruit, jam or juice.  Here's one of hers with sauteed mushrooms, sunburst tomatoes, and herbs.

All it needs is a festive paper cocktail parasol
Credit Nancy leson / KNKX

"...We never do anything... nice and easy." – Tina Turner