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Food for Thought: For 2019, Nancy Leson resolves to cook ahead

Jan 2, 2019

Nancy Leson has resolved to do things differently in 2019. "I'm gonna try really hard this year to cook ahead. I'm one of those people who loves to to shop every single day and decide what I want on any given day." But recent happy discoveries in her freezer made her realize that sometimes it's fine to just defrost some leftovers. 

Especially if they're leftovers she and husband Mac love.

I rarely set out to make a large batch in order to save the extra for a future meal. My  leftovers usually go with me to KNKX the next day for lunch. I look forward to cooking every night. 

I've been reading for years that it's smart to plan the week's meals, but how can I know what I'll want for supper a week from now? I decide every day what I'll make that evening. I can do this because I'm lucky. My 10-minute drive to and from the station is on a street not a freeway, and there's a supermarket right on my way.

Leson also has decided to share baked goods with neighbors more often. For people who bake as often she and I do, this is only sensible. Neither of us is exactly slim to begin with. If we were to eat everything that comes out of our ovens ourselves, we'd generate our own gravitational fields.

Nance also plans to eat out more often and more cheaply. "In The Seattle Times they published 18 Cheap Eats. I'd only been to one of them!" Clearly, she has a busy year ahead of her.

"If you're not worried that you're pricing it too cheap you're not pricing it cheap enough."  – Roy H. Wiliams