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Dick And Nancy Are A-Peeling

Oct 17, 2018

I thought I was getting fancy when I replaced my all-metal 20-year old  Ecko straight-bladed veg peeler with the cushy-handled Oxo.  Then I started hearing about "Y" shaped peelers.  Food writer Daniel Gritzer, among others thinks it's the only way to go.

I decided to get a "Y" job and see how it stacks up against my old reliable.  Sure, I was putting $1.97 on the line for this experiment but felt I owed to Food for Thought listeners to take the risk.

My conclusions?

I peeled a bunch of spuds with the Y for a dish of Potatoes Anna

Potatoes Anna. Didn't get the spiral pattern I was trying for but Queen of Spuds, the Lovely &Talented Cheryl DeGroot found them acceptable.
Credit Stein / KNKX

It worked fine and the carbon steel blade seemed sharper than on my old Oxo.  But was it that much better? As I told Nancy Leson in this week's chat "Ummmm... I dunno."  Further research is needed.

Nance did her part. "I bought several new peelers just to see are they really better."

That one in the middle is that German job Nance mentions in the segment.
Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

She already had her Oxo Good Grips and picked up two more, including the Chef'n with a straight, serrated and julienne blade.  That's right -- this peeler actually cuts juliennes.  Isn't that  a-MAZE-ing?

"The more tools I have, the more freedom I have. – Du Yun."