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How a bad fortune telling led to a new outlook on life, and some payback


This story originally aired on January 25, 2020.  

Back in the late 80s Melissa Reaves was all smiles. She was getting ready to move from Michigan to San Diego, where she could enjoy the sunshine and palm trees, and she had what she thought was a really wonderful boyfriend named Bill. But when it was time to move, Bill was a no-show. 

“He totally ghosted me. He completely dumped me on the day that I was moving into this new apartment. So I was really upset. And I remember that little voice in my head said ‘Girl you got it. Don’t worry about it. It’s fine. You’re going to be just fine.’” 

But as many young, heartbroken people might do, she quickly stopped listening to that little voice in her head, and decided to seek out some answers for her broken heart. And the person she chose to turn to for those answers was a fortune teller.

Listen to the story to hear how Melissa had a “curse” end up a complete con, how she got her payback, and how that affected her outlook going forward.

Melissa Reaves is a public speaking coach for executives and start-up founders, storyteller and professional improviser in Seattle. Her storytelling has been shared at The Moth, Fresh Ground Stories and Unexpected Productions throughout Seattle.