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Farewell, Gabriel: Sound Effect, Episode 211

Courtesy of Cheri Spitzer

Today on the show, we say goodbye to our host Gabriel Spitzer. This is the last show Gabriel will host, as he transitions to a new job in public health. He celebrates some of his favorite stories from past shows in this episode. We’ll meet a punter who thought he was a linebackerfor a minute, a cowboy who “met” Bigfootand a Balkan rock star who staged an antiwar musicalin a war zone. Sound Effect contributors share emotional best wishes to wrap up his last show.

Johnny Hekker is a punter for the Los Angeles Rams, though he grew up in Bothell. A few years ago he was back home playing against the Seahawks, when, in a moment of exuberance, he took the burly Cliff Avril to the ground. Cliff’s teammates weren’t pleased. 

When you picture Sasquatch, chances are you imagine a specific image of a bipedal humanoid, mid-stride, arms swinging and head turned back to look behind it. Bob Gimlin, one of the men behind the iconic Patterson-Gimlin film footage, says Sasquatch was looking back at him

During the war in Yugoslavia, Gino Jevdjevic found himself locked down in Sarajevo as bombs and artillery fell. So naturally, he chose to stage a productionof the antiwar musical “Hair.” Gino now fronts the Seattle-based “Gypsy Punk” band Kultur Shock. 

And in the full broadcast version below, we’ll also meet a woman who discovered her Native rootsafter being adopted, and learn about the forgotten “War on Monkey Island.”

Kevin Kniestedt is a journalist, host and producer who began his career at KNKX in 2003. Over his 17 years with the station, he worked as a full time jazz host, a news host and produced the weekly show Sound Effect. Kevin has conducted or produced hundreds of interviews, has won local and national awards for newscasts and commentary.