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Episode 13: Finding Joy

Adrian Florez


There is a lot to worry about right now: our jobs and our health. How will we be able to make next month’s rent or mortgage payment? Then there is the bigger question — will life ever be the same again? 

But, even though we are living in unprecedented and scary times, there is still room for laughter. There is still a lot to smile about and be grateful for. 

What are your moments of joy? This is the question we are asking today on Transmission. 

From parents who are making the most of their time at home with young children, to a teenager who found joy by bashing in a piñata, we hear how people from across Western Washington are coping. 

Chris Ballew, the lead singer for The Presidents of the United States of America who is also known as Casper Babypants, is staying happy and sane by using his creativity every single day.

“Some days I do a bunch of drawings, some days I play guitar, some days I make up really weird songs, some days I sit at the piano and play random notes. Some days I make a sandwich — that’s right, making a sandwich is a creative act,” Bellew said.

We also check in with Tita Begashaw. Begashaw is a patient services specialist at Harborview Medical Center, and for years she’s led weekly classes there in laughter.

These classes are on hold right now, but Begashaw, who has lived through war and trauma, has some advice.

“We all have a responsibility to make someone else feel good,” Begashaw said. 

I promise, by the time you finish listening to this episode, you will feel a little lighter. 

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