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Episode 7: Saying Goodbye

Adrian Florez

Today’s episode: Saying Goodbye.

When a person infected with COVID-19 dies, those precious final moments aren’t spent with loved ones at their bedside. They’re spent surrounded by doctors and nurses, dressed head to toe in protective gear.

One nurse at a hospital in Issaquah, east of Seattle, wanted to do what she could to connect a mother and daughter one last time.

Using FaceTime, Tatyana Huber held her personal cellphone up to Carolann Gann’s face, so her daughter could share her final message of love and forgiveness.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, and more and more people say goodbye to their loved ones this way, nurses are working to make sure that dying in isolation doesn’t mean dying alone.

Transmission host Gabriel Spitzer talks with KNKX’s Kari Plog, who shares an emotional story of Michelle Bennett’s final moment with her mother, and the nurse who facilitated it.

Michelle has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for nurses at King County hospitals. She says she wants to honor people helping families like hers, and also honor the profession her mother was a part of for 38 years. 

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Kari Plog is a former KNKX reporter who covered the people and systems in Pierce, Thurston and Kitsap counties, with an emphasis on police accountability.