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In Rehab, Seattle Musician Copes By Making Recordings

Credit Marianne Spellman/Popthomology
Shannon Perry preforms with Gazebos

This story originally aired on April 1, 2017.

Seattle musician and artist Shannon Perry is known for her exquisite tattoo work and incredible musical presence. But six years ago, while in rehab for Adderall abuse, she felt very alone.

Perry picked up smoking again so she could socialize with the other people, but it didn't help.  Rather than go numb from the isolation and boredom, she started to make things.

Playing the drums on the floor with her hands and singing songs in a whisper, Perry used music to fill her time and she figured out a way to record these rehab writings and songs.

Using an mp3 player gifted to her by her sponsor, she was able to capture poems, stories and songs.  Years later, she came across the recordings while looking for an mp3 player to give to a friend who was about to go off to rehab. 

Shannon Perry talks rehab recordings and vulnerability in this interview with Arwen Nicks originally made for the Sub Pop podcast.