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St. Patrick's Day And Seattle: What We Can Learn From Our Sister City In Ireland

On one of the rare sunny days in Galway, Dunguaire Castle sits overlooking the shore of Galway Bay.

St. Patrick's Day is a day where people all over the world come together to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. Seattle and Galway, Ireland have been "sister cities" for more than 30 years. The two cities organize cultural events and student exchanges.

In this segment, KNKX intern Janae Janik speaks to Shoreline native Michael Chang who moved to Galway 20 years ago. He was drawn to the coastal city in West Ireland for its vibrant music scene. He has become an active fiddle player in pubs after being classically trained since age 5.

Chang compares the pub culture of Ireland to Seattle's coffee culture where people congregate to socialize and simply have a good time.

When it comes to the weather, Seattle averages about 150 gray and rainy days per year. But Galway's count climbs even higher, averaging all the way up to 225 days a year.

People in both cities have to learn to accept the gray skies and find ways to make the most of it. Chang talks about a particular "rainforesty" area of woods where his kids love to play even when its raining, showing that with the right attitude, the weather doesn't have to stop you from having fun.