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First-Half Favorites: Sound Effect, Episode 110

Celebration by bfick is licensed under CC BY
Balloons over a Buddhist temple in Shanghai


Greatest hits compilations usually come out at the end of the year, but we thought, why wait? This week, Sound Effect shares some of our favorite stories from the first half of 2017.


A Shop For Violins, Cellos and Basses

At Hammond Ashley Violins you can buy a string instrument, learn how to play it, and even get it fixed should something go wrong. KNKX’s Ed Ronco hasthis story about an Issaquah shop located in the “Suite 100” of a building. It comes from our show that celebrated Sound Effect’s 100th episode. To celebrate this milestone, we decided to shake things up and tell stories about what you can find inside places located in the “Suite 100” of a building.

Tragedy Turns Into A Music Video

On June 5, 2014, Aaron Ybarra walked onto Seattle Pacific University’s campus with a shotgun and opened fire. By the time Ybarra was tackled to the ground by a student, 19-year-old Paul Lee was killed and two others were injured. Several days before the shooting, a group of Lee’s friends were preparing to film a music video. But after his death, the friends decided to make the video in honor of Lee. We talk with Turner Haney and Katie Reagan about that intimate and difficult experience.


Old School Beauty Salon


Back in February, Sound Effect collaborated with the women from the "Hella Black Hella Seattle" podcast to explore stories about members of Seattle’s African-American community who’ve helped shape Seattle’s culture. One of the show’s co-hosts, Jasmine Jackson, had this conversation with De’Charlene Williams, who owns De’Charlene’s Beauty and Boutique hair salon. The salon is a neighborhood institution, where First Hill meets the Central Area. Jasmine and De’Charlene look back on some of Williams’ more exciting moments and talk about what her salon has meant to people in Seattle’s black community.

The Clinic

In this story, we meet a woman trying to recover from an addiction to prescription pain meds and other drugs. She goes to a methadone clinic called Tacoma Treatment Solutions, where she’s given a daily dose of liquid methadone from a paper cup. It’s an opioid, that helps people get off drugs. 88.5’s Paula Wisselhelps us understand this woman’s storyand talks with a health professional about how methadone works.

A Brewing War
 In 2015, 28-year-old Yemeni-American MokhtarAlkhanshali wanted to bring the unique flavor and high quality of Yemeni coffee to American roasters and customers. But as the Yemeni War began, he had to race against the clock to find a safe way out of Yemen to the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual conference in Seattle. Sound Effect contributorHebahFisher tells the storyof how Alkhanshali braved a dangerous voyage for coffee.