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Lying To Those Who Have Heard Every Lie In The Book

For our show this week, we wanted to talk to someone who hears lies all the time: Tow truck drivers. That’s what Sound Effect Executive Producer Erin Hennessey suggested. She sent 88.5’s Simone Alicea to a towing company in Bellevue to talk to someone who’s heard it all.

But it turns out Erin wasn’t being totally forthcoming, herself, about the role she had cast for these drivers. She and Simone sat down to compare notes about their impound experiences.

While Erin was in college, she drove a massive, gas-guzzling car. It often ran out of gas, so she would park wherever she could find space, which often meant places she wasn’t supposed to park. She was towed multiple times and got creative with her excuses.

One time she told the tow company that the place she parked, a spot where it was only OK to park on Sundays and holidays, was an acceptable spot because it was Canadian Thanksgiving.

Erin found the people that towed her car to be unamused and downright scary. But when Simone went to the company in Bellevue, she had an entirely different experience. Her story may have convinced Erin that these people aren’t so bad after all. 

This story originally aired on Nov. 12, 2016