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'Everybody's Got A Story:' Tacoma Writer Documents City's Homicide Victims

Patrick Rodriguez via Wikimedia Commons
Tacoma based writer Jack Cameron writes about every victim of every homicide in the city of Tacoma.

Often times our sense of responsibility is to a place, a community. For writer Jack Cameron, that place is Tacoma; he just loves his hometown.
“There’s not a lot of pompousness around Tacoma. [It] almost doesn’t care about image and that’s what I like about it,” says Cameron. 

Cameron’s love for Tacoma has turned into a website: Tacoma Stories. It features interviews with local characters, park reviews and other community news. However, there is one section on the website that is particularly unique and oddly beautiful. Cameron writes a post for every victim of every homicide in the city of Tacoma.

“I almost never even mention the perpetrators names … and sometimes it’s the only record of what happened to [the victim],” says Cameron.

Cameron talks to Sound Effect's Jennifer Wing about why he felt compelled to start documenting Tacoma's homicide victims back in 2006.

This story originally aired on Dec. 3, 2016