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The Pursuit: Sound Effect, Episode 73

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This week Sound Effect brings us stories of the pursuit.


You're It

There are lots of games we all played in the schoolyard when we were kids — foursquare, tether ball, maybe some capture the flag if there was enough time before the bell rang. Some of us just can’t let go. Here in the Northwest, there’s a group of middle-aged men who play an intense game of tag for one month out of the year. They’ve been doing this for decades.  Sound Effect Host Jennifer Wing tells us that the game of tag these guys playinvolves planning, forming alliances, slight of hand and sometimes ... a little cross dressing.

Orca Hunter

Ted Griffin was the first person to ever swim publicly with an orca, starting with the famous one, called Namu, in 1965. Griffin also founded and operated Seattle’s first aquarium, the Seattle Marine Aquarium on Pier 56 in Elliot Bay. Griffin captured, performed with and sold dozens of orcas to other aquariums during the late 1960s and early 1970s. That practice has since become highly controversial and those who started it are now viewed as villains. knkx’s Bellamy Pailthorp invited the now 80-year-old Ted Griffin into our studiostake a look back.

Finding A Homeless Millionaire 

David Liston is principal at David Liston Investigations, a private investigation firm based in University Heights. It can pretty much go without saying that a large part of his job is finding people that others can’t find. But in one particular case, the circumstances were very unique. Liston was looking for a man believed to be homelessin the Seattle area in order to give him a message: You stand to inherit millions of dollars. But finding someone with no address and little paper trail is not easy.

Trans Voice

The recent public conversations about gender identity and transgender people have tended to focus on bodies — biological sex versus gender identity, the clothes people wear, what bathrooms they use. But one issue that has gotten less attention is the intersection of gender and voice. Even as trans people work to look like the person they are inside, some find that they still sound like someone else. So many have turned to speech pathologist Sandy Hirsch for help to get their voice to sound like the person they identify as

The Lingering Effects Of Pursuing The Worst Of The Worst

Tim Minyard spent 17 years undercover working to stop criminals involved in the human- and sex-trafficking business. With two ports and an international border nearby, he says Seattle is a hotbed for the industry. In fact, a recent study found that Seattle’s sex trafficking industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Naturally, the work took Tim to a lot of dark places. And put him in contact with a lot of terrible people. So these days he’s pursuing peace of mind after a lifetime of trauma.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by knkx's Jennifer Wing.