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How Hollow Earth Radio Grew Out Of One Family's Attic And Into A Community

Connie Jones Ostrowski
Garrett Kelly and Amber Kai Morgan, the founders of Hollow Earth Radio

Hollow Earth Radio was founded in the bedrooms of Amber Kai Morgan and her husband Garrett Kelly almost ten years ago. They've since moved the operation to a little storefront in the Central District, but until now it’s only existed as a streaming station online. That’s about to change.

In 2014, they were awarded a low-power FM frequency by the FCC.  The station just finished raising enough money to buy an antenna and transmitter. Hollow Earth is on the verge of becoming one of Seattle's first community-driven neighborhood radio stations, and they did it all while still working regular jobs and raising a kid.

Reporter Warren Langford brings us the story of how Morgan and Kelly met and how a radio station emerged from their relationship.