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The Doctor Is In: Sound Effect, Episode 53

Dr. Marius Laumans, right, examining Lynnette Drake, at a Group Health facility in Olympia, Wash.
Ted S. Warren
AP Photo
Dr. Marius Laumans, right, examining Lynnette Drake, at a Group Health facility.

This week on Sound Effect, "The Doctor Is In." We revisit some of our favorite stories on health, aging, things that take us to the doctor, and the toll that doctors often feel from helping others.

We kick off the show with a story that aired on our very first episode of Sound Effect. Leila Mirhaydari was a healthy and active 27-year-old when she went into sudden kidney failure. She spoke with Sound Effect host, Gabriel Spitzer about what her life was like as she sought out a new kidney.

Why does your wound not heal as fast as a five-year-old’s? As we age, our cells become less elastic and don’t respond as quickly. Dr. Dan Gottschling is on a quest to answer the questions of aging at the biological level and he explains what happens in our body on the up and then down, swings of life.

Robb Miller worked as executive director of Compassion and Choices of Washington (now End of Life Washington) for most of the last two decades and that organization helps people with end-of-life decision-making as they face incurable or terminal illnesses, and they pushed for the passage of Washington’s Death with Dignity Act. Before he served as the head of the organization, he was a client having been given a terminal diagnosis.

So most of us probably take our general baseline physical comfort for granted. But imagine if something as innocent as a friendly pat on the back caused intense pain. Lauren Jhanson lives with this pain because of her fibromyalgia but she decided to lean into the pain.

Doctor Pamela Wible is a family physician in Eugene, Oregon and she has dedicated her life to helping those who are helping others. Wible discusses how and why she got involved with providing support to suicidal doctors.