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Trouble With The Law: Sound Effect, Episode 52

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story
Gary Ridgway as Depicted in Jensen's book

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas inspired by the place we live.


For this episode, the Sound Effect team curates some of our favorite segments dealing with law and justice.



First we hear from two observant men, a gutter punk named Shake and the Captain of Seattle’s West Precinct, about the laws being broken at Seattle’s Westlake Park.

If it was illegal to have a dog, would you do everything in your power to change it? Goat owner Jennie Grant took on the city council to make sure she could keep her beloved goats and her urban farm.

Gary Ridgway is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time and this segment from Sound Effect senior producer Arwen Nicks explores how detective Tom Jensen spent 188 days with the murderer in an office park near Boeing Field trying to get more details and additional confessions from the Green River Killer.

Shon Hopwood went from breaking laws to practicing law. Sound Effect host Gabriel Spitzer spoke with Hopwood about his time as a bank robber, his time in federal prison and how he ended up clerking for one of the most prestigious courts in the land.

Just because something is a crime doesn’t make prosecuting a criminal easy and that is the unfortunate truth that Yaara Zaslow will be facing for another decade. Zaslow was raped while serving in the Peace Corps and it will be at least another ten years before her assailant is brought to justice, if it happens at all.