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Sound Effect, Episode 16: Repetition

Two people embrace in a hug, one shows heavy emotion.
Courtesy Of Leila Mirhaydari
Leila Mirhaydari hugs Miles Landis before he's taken into pre-op preparations.

"Sound Effect" is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Gabriel Spitzer.

Each week's show explores a different theme, and this week, we are playing all hits in this first ever “Sound Effect” best of episode.

Before we dive into some of our favorite segments thus far, we explore what it is about repetition that is so satisfying.

From Episode 1: Newness, we bring you the tale of Leila Mirhaydari struggle to survive after going into sudden kidney failure at the age of 27.

From Episode 2: Rule Breakers, the story of how one unexpected incident at last year’s Seattle Pride Parade changed the life of this drag queen or ever.

From Episode 5: Failure, these Seattle authors and their ‘trailing spouses’ make up “The Rejections,” a group frequently rejected authors that aren’t afraid to sing about it.

From Episode 4: Northwest Myths and Legends, senior producer Arwen Nicks explores a lesser known chapter in the Green River Killer case.

And from Episode 6: Vice, Danny Cords shares his experiences as a young gay teen in conversion therapy