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Video: Haunting time-lapse of Seattle without people

What would Seattle look like with all of its people gone? Well, Los Angeles film director Ross Ching wondered the same thing, but not just about Seattle.

Ching’s ongoing time-lapse video project called the Empty America series has been to San Francisco and now Seattle. He intends to do New York City and Washington D.C. next. His video of an "empty Seattle" was published this morning.

Quick Q&A with director Ross Ching:

Why empty cities?

"People really find connections with things they recognize in situations that they don't recognize. It's almost as if the viewer is in on an inside joke. That's why time-lapse, super slow motion, and stop motion are so prevalent on the internet. And that's something that I always try to incorporate into my work."

Why Seattle?

"So when deciding which cities to feature in this series, I wanted people who have never even been to the locations to be able to pick out landmarks that they've seen before. And the one thing about Seattle is its unmistakable skyline."

The making of empty Seattle:

Here's his videos of San Fran: