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Video update: The making of two giant arachnids at Seattle Center

Jake Ellison

Earlier this month, we wrote about the creation of two huge “daddy longlegs” standing atop the roof of the Armory at the Seattle Center. The harvestmen, created by 3-D mural artist Marlin Peterson, cast long shadows and look pretty darn realistic (considering the widest span between leg tips is 100 feet).

Peterson has released a two-minute video showing the creation of the spiders from concept to paint:

“It was simple, but difficult and technical at the same time … is that believable?” Peterson wrote on his blog.

Here’s Peterson’s rundown for how long it took to create the mural, which is primarily visible from the top of the Space Needle.

  • about 12 trips up into the Needle?
  • about 2 weeks to make the models and create the digital plan of action?
  • about 3 days making the outlines by dragging fat lumber crayons over the rough composite roof?
  • about 6 gallons of house paint of about 7 colors?
  • about 2 weeks of rolling paint?
  • about 15 4-inch rollers?
  • about $120 dollars of spray paint that I never used because it was too windy (!!)

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