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Why $5,000 was thrown out the window of a Seattle hotel

Phone calls were made, a plan was set, but only a select few knew the undisclosed location of where the stunt would take place this past Fourth of July. The secret stunt surprised over a hundred bystanders as they frantically reached for dollar bills falling from the sky.

From the eighteenth floor of the Roosevelt Hotel, #MicCheckWallStreet dropped $5,000 onto Pine St. Wednesday at 5:00 pm. This was the group’s second money drop — following their Valentines Day stunt earlier this year.

The money was thrown demonstrating the message that "money as speech silences us all," according the message printed on the marked dollar bills.

“We’re using money as speech to protest money as speech,” says one of the money droppers who wished to remain anonymous.

#MicCheckWallStreet’s end goal is to amend the Constitution so that large corporations can’t influence political elections with their pocketbooks.

"It’s time we declared independence from Citizens United," MicCheckWallSt said on its website in May. "The United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United established money as speech, reaffirmed that corporations are people, and paved the way for a head-long rush towards plutocracy."

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