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Is Seattle full of snow wimps?

The Associated Press
Heidi Hunt, right, and Alexis Nasya Prass playfully tumble down a snow-covered hill at the Olympic Sculpture Park near Wednesday in Seattle.

The LA Times ran a story yesterday that accused Seattle of being "snow wimps."  So we decided to take a look at what else people on the Web are saying about Seattle folks in the snow, both from around the country and here in Seattle.

In CNN's coverage of the snow, they included this interview about Seattle:

"This city shuts down when winter hits. It's nuts ... This city is just so unprepared for snow," Derek Stanek, 25, told CNN's iReport.

On Twitter, @taureanjones said:

It blows my mind that Seattle has come to standstill over a couple of inches of snow ... This would never fly in Ohio/ WV.

And @zohner (from Syracuse, Utah) was kind enough to give Seattle an offer:

Hey Seattle! Send us our snow and we'll send you back your rain.

Meanwhile, video evidence of Seattle drivers having some problems is stacking up:

What do Seattle residents have to say about this?

Sharon Hendricks of West Seattle said on Capitol Hill Blog's Facebook:

I'll let Chicago or Fargo take a swipe at me for being a wimp in the snow... but L.A.???

And @mdelosreyes said on Twitter,

Worst thing about the snow in seattle. They preempt live with kelly for more snow coverage

KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel responds on his Website Sportspress Northwest:

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