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MLK events around the Puget Sound region

Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington D.C.

On Monday, Martin Luther King Junior will be honored in a variety of ways around the region as we observe this federal holiday.

It’s a day of reflection and possibly a time to renew intentions that keep Dr. King’s dream alive.

The Martin Luther King Junior holiday is a relatively new one in terms of history – it was first celebrated in 1986. And at that time, some were rather reluctant to observe it. But now, maybe because of the time and space we live in, it’s easy to forget that Martin Luther King was something of a radical in his day.

“When he spoke out against the morality of the war in Viet Nam, when he spoke out about human rights around the world, and when and he spoke out about the conditions of segregation and we saw that as witnessed in Memphis where he died speaking out on behalf of the garbage workers who were not being paid fairly," said Eddie Rye Junior, a local organizer behind Seattle’s annual MLK march from Garfield High School down to the Federal Building.

This year, the theme is “Recapturing MLK Junior’s Revolutionary Spirit.” Workshops that focus on equality and human rights kick off the celebration at Garfield this morning and then the march starts at 11.

“We want people to accept some responsibility in areas of interest. It might be education; it could be a variety of things. So we hope to inspire people to go out and do something positive and good for their brother man.”

Other events

Around the Sound, you can also march through downtown Tacoma. Food collected over the weekend will be carried to the Tacoma Dome where the food drive continues along with music and other activities. 

Others will be volunteering through local agencies such as United Way and the Seattle Parks and Recreation. Or, as Eddie Rye Junior recommends, just do something kind for somebody in memory of Dr. King.  

Happenings in the Puget Sound region:

You can find a full calendar of events for the weekend at these Web sites:

Here are specific events referenced in the story: