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Oregon's Unemployment Rate Drops

The unemployment rate dropped 0-point-4 percent from the previous month. At 9-point-1 percent, it’s still half a percentage point higher than the national average.
Oregon’s drop in unemployment is good news, but state employment economist, Nick Beleiciks, warned people not to get too excited.

Nick Beleiciks: "It's just a one month change so far, which is very welcome after months and months of no change in the unemployment rate. So I think we're not ready to celebrate because of one month change, but it's certainly in the right direction."

Part of the reason for the drop could be discouraged workers, that is people who stop looking for a job because they don't think they're going to find one. If discouraged workers were included, the rate would be 9-point-8 percent.

The sectors that are adding jobs include education, health services, transportation, utilities and retailers.
Government, leisure and hospitality lost jobs.

I'm Kristian Foden-Vencil reporting