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Weather wreaks havoc near the coast

High winds and sheets of rain are causing problems along the coast and some of Oregon's highways Tuesday.
Trees have been blown down along Highway 18 in Polk County -- at the east end of the Van Duzer Corridor.
Lou Torres of the Oregon Department of Transportation says the road is closed.

"We had a number of trees go down. We're still getting an assessment on the number of trees that are across the road. But we have crews out there that are working. We have no estimate on what time the road will be open, but at this point, any motorists that is heading out there should expect long delays or try to avoid the area," Torres said.

If you do have to get out to the coast, Torres says Highway 6 and U.S. 20 are open.

A high water advisory has also been issued for the Beerman Creek area at Highway 101 - just south of Seaside. The area frequently floods, especially when there's both heavy rain and a high tide — as there is Tuesday.
In Nestucca, the weather is so bad that students were taken to school in buses, but were then driven home.