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Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates – the legacy debates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talking history in the PBS documentary.

The Apple vs. PC debate has been ongoing for years, but in a recent documentary posted online Nov. 2, PBS further examines the relationship between late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Redmond Washington based Microsoft has had its share of conflict and companionship with Steve Jobs and Apple. The companies have been involved in both partnerships and lawsuits. Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer on October 5th.

In a new documentary examining his life, PBS shines light on the relationship between Jobs and Gates.

One of the few journalists to interview the pair together, Walter Mossberg, describes their relationship as a partnership, but one wrought with conflict and rivalry. 

In the documentary Mossberg say Jobs believed "Microsoft had stolen their basic ideas in the Mac.” On the other hand, Mossberg stated Gates felt that Jobs got more credit than he deserved as a great technologist.

The documentary, titled Steve Jobs: One Last Thing, can be viewed in its entirety online or purchased as a DVD through PBS’s website.