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Monday morning's headlines

Washington State Patrol reports there has been a spike in pedestrians being killed on state roadways.
Matthew Rutledge
Washington State Patrol reports there has been a spike in pedestrians being killed on state roadways.

Partly sunny, with a high near 68. Forecast here.

Team rescues dog from Mount Ellinor cliff

A 5-year-old Bernese Mountain dog bolted after a mountain goat Wednesday, according to a story in the Kitsap Sun. Gwen Hall and Jim Krieger watch in horror as the dog leapt off a cliff at the summit of 5,944-foot-high Mount Ellinor, above Lake Cushman in the southeastern Olympic Mountains.

Krieger, who had climbed Ellinor several times along the standard route up a steep, narrow snowfield on the south side of the peak, knew how precipitous the other side of the mountain was.

"We were up there for a couple of hours, hollering for her," Krieger said. "There were a couple of guys from the Mountaineers Club up there, and they helped us look and try to get a hold of the Forest Service."

Krieger said he and Hall feared the worst, but hadn't the equipment or skill to climb down the cliffs so they left and started searching for help.

By Friday morning, Olympic Mountain Rescue volunteers led by Peter Ozimek started up the mountain and started repelling down cliff sides. They found the dog on a ledge with an injured leg and rescued her.

Off the AP wire: Shootings; boy stuck in tree saved, and more

  • Triple-A reports the average price of a gallon of gasoline in Washington is $3.78. That's down a penny in a week and 11 cents in a month. But it's 15 cents higher than the national average.
  • Authorities say a man shot by a Snohomish County sheriff's deputy near Bothell has died. Authorities say the man was shot after a disturbance call at a home Sunday.
  • The Snohomish County sheriff's office says a father and son are the two people killed in a small plane crash on the Cascade foothills in Snohomish County. An FAA spokesman says wreckage of the Piper PA 22 was found Saturday.
  • The Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers are assessing a derelict barge that broke away from a mooring near The Dalles Dam and went aground in the Columbia River east of the Hood River Bridge near Lyle, Wash. The Coast Guard says the barge was recently inspected and is free of hazardous material.
  • Spokane police say they were attempting to arrest a man at a home over the weekend when he shot and killed himself with a rifle just a few feet away from officers.
  • Whatcom County deputies say an 11-year-old boy was shot by his grandfather yesterday when they were target shooting in the back yard of a home near Custer. The handgun jammed and then fired as the man was trying to clear it. The bullet hit the boy in the abdomen. KING reports he's in serious condition after surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham.
  • A 6-year-old climbed 40 feet up a neighbor's cherry tree in Lacey, but he got stuck and couldn't climb down. A homeowner heard him calling for help last evening. Firefighters arrived and reached him with a ladder extended from a truck.

GOP complain about redistricting map of Tacoma

Redrawing Pierce County’s council districts began three months ago to smooth out population changes reflected in the latest U.S. Census.

It’s ending with a politically divisive map that has some Republicans charging that it unfairly benefits Democrats, reports the Tacoma News Tribune.

The map that will chart Pierce County’s political future for the next 10 years is expected to be finalized Tuesday night and become law the next day.

As the final product now stands, some critics say it spreads out Tacoma’s heavily Democratic population among four districts and dismembers what had been a safe Republican district.

State patrol reports spike in pedestrian deaths

The Washington State Patrol says more pedestrians crossing major roads and highways are being killed, reports KING 5.

In Snohomish County, troopers say there have been eight fatalities on major roads in WSP's District 7 alone, compared to just two cases total last year.

In the last two weeks, two pedestrians were killed along a stretch of Highway 99 in Lynnwood. One victim was an elderly man who was struck and killed in the afternoon. The other was a 57-year-old female who was killed late at night.