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Fans of freebies flock to Freeattle

Leslie Seaton is a writer who loves to eat, drink, and tell people what to do. That’s part of the reason why she started her food events site calledFresh-Picked Seattle which then led to Freeattle.

“No funds doesn’t have to mean no fun,” Seaton professes.

Anyone on a budget can understand what Leslie went through being limited by financial circumstances. She started the Freeattle site to share her findings of low-cost and free food events. Seaton stumbled across many events that were not just food related and thus became Freeattle.

“Sure, it's not all fancy dinners. Sometimes it's mildly awkward little community events - my friend says a lot of the events I take her to feel like an Altman movie - but it's experiences, new people to meet, chances to take a peek into another world,” says Seaton.

Freeattle started in 2009 and grew about 300% alone in 2010. The Facebook fan pagehas about 539 fans and about 992 followers on Twitter.

“I've also just been hearing more lately about other folks on budgets letting me know they like to use the site, like from a mom looking for some free stuff to keep her and the kiddos busy to a woman who was pretty broke when she moved here and used the site to track down some special treats like a free coffee or something else to make her day go a little better."

The Freeattle site has an agenda sidebar, listing several free events by time, day, and month. You can find something to do almost all day long without spending a fortune.