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Pro skateboarding comes to KeyArena this weekend

This weekend some of the world’s best skateboarders are competing at Key Arena for nearly half a million dollars in the Street League Skateboarding Pro Tour. 

Competitors at the event will be judged on the style, difficulty and originality of their tricks and stunts.  The organizer is Rob Dyrdek, a former pro-skateboarder, who says he’ll also be giving $75,000 and materials from this weekend’s competition to Roxhill Park in West Seattle. 

The Street League course includes handrails, ledges and cement ramps to emulate the places used by skateboarders like parking lots and courtyards.  Dyrdek says he wants to break the negative stereotypes of skateboarding and promote the sport as a healthy, creative way for kids to spend their time.

The ramps and rails donated from this weekend’s event is a way for Dyrdek to promote his concept of skate plazas – aesthetically pleasing skate spots that incorporate designs from the urban environment.