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Going Places: Connect With Nature, Watch Whales, From Mexico's Baja Peninsula

Matthew Brumley
Knkx travel expert Matthew Brumley sent this photo as he talked to 88.5's Ed Ronco from Cabo San Lucas.

If you've been listening to Going Places long enough, you know how Matthew Brumley prefers to travel. He takes his dining advice from the bellhop, not the guidebook. He flies to a major city and then tries to get out of town and explore the countryside as soon as possible. And he talks to as many locals as he can.

Brumley is less inclined to hole up in a resort, or to spend much of his time in the sun-and-sand places so many travelers crave.

That's been changing lately. A while back, he extolled the virtues of visiting Hawaii. This week, he's on the southern Baja Peninsula, in Mexico.

"I poo-pooed Baja, and I couldn't have been more wrong," he said, from Cabo San Lucas, on the very southern tip of the peninsula. "Beautiful views, where you have this stunning, turquoise blue ocean meeting the sands, and then the sandy cacti-spilled hills."

The sea life is incredible, too. Brumley and his family have been doing a lot of whale watching, both from a boat and from shore.

"From the deck where I'm standing, we can see whales jumping about 200 yards off the coast," he said. "On two different occasions, we've laid in bed late at night, and we've been able to hear the whales singing."

Something For Everyone

You can go diving, enjoy fine dining, or both. You can find parties at some resorts, and quiet spaces to enjoy a good book at others.

"Yesterday we drove an hour north to a 200-year-old tiny historic town called Todos Santos, and walked around the village and had a beautiful lunch," he said. "It's been a spectacular one-week getaway."

Rent A House

If big resorts truly aren't your thing, there are options. Cabo San Lucas has its share of small places to stay or rent.

"So many people had a dream of purchasing a house, living the good life, and then they get down here and they can't stay, so everything ends up for rent," he said. "You'll see houses for rent everywhere. You can typically pick one up for $100, or $150 a night."

Getting There

You'll find direct flights from Sea-Tac Airport, and you might be able to save money with a layover in Los Angeles. Brumley also says that compared to many sun-and-sand destinations, both airfare and your costs on the ground are much lower.


"Going Places" is 88.5's weekly exploration of travel. Matthew Brumley is co-founder of Earthbound Expeditions on Bainbridge Island, which provides small-group travel to clients including KNKX. Never miss an episode again. Subscribe to Going Places with iTunes Google Play or Stitcher.

Ed Ronco came to KNKX in October 2013 as producer and reporter for KNKX’s Morning Edition. Ed started in public radio in 2009 at KCAW in Sitka, Alaska, where he covered everything from city government, to education, crime, science, the arts and more. Prior to public radio, Ed worked in newspapers, including four years at the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune, where he covered business, then politics and government.
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