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Giving Circles

Giving Circles provide a way for KNKX to recognize the remarkable commitment of listeners who choose to invest in the present and future of public radio in the Northwest. KNKX is truly a community effort, with Leadership and Partner Circle member support composing a significant portion of our overall annual budget. At the same time, Lifetime Listener Society members ensure the legacy of KNKX can live on. This generosity – from listeners like you - is essential to KNKX’s editorial independence and our ability to continue serving you with the very best that jazz, blues and NPR journalism have to offer. Learn more about KNKX Giving Circles today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the giving level for Leadership Circle and Partner Circle?
    The entry level for the Leadership Circle is $125 monthly or $1,500 annually. The entry level for Partner Circle is $42 monthly or $500 annually. 
  • Why should I support KNKX?
    More than half of our funding comes from individual listeners like you. Your generous donation is the very reason that our station is able to remain on the air and produce high-quality programs. 
  • Can I make monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually installments? 
    Your gifts can be paid at all at once or in a series of installments.
  • How long does the membership last?
    Membership is renewed on a yearly basis; your donation makes your membership to the KNKX Leadership Circle active for one year. If you give monthly or quarterly, your membership expires once the total over the last 12 months falls under $1,500 (or $500 for Partner Circle). KNKX has three seasonal fund drives, and you are also invited to either join, renew, or add to your membership during the drives. Gifts made in support of fund drives apply to your Leadership Circle or Partner Circle membership.
  • Do you accept matching gifts from employers?
    KNKX welcomes matching gifts made by your business, company or organization. Contact your employer for the procedure to follow that verifies your gift. This helps our station even further. To learn more or to find out if your employer matches gifts, visit
  • How do you handle my personal information?
    Because KNKX highly respects the privacy and integrity of each of its donors, we will never sell or rent our member’s information with any other organization; in addition, if you choose to make an anonymous donation to KNKX, our staff will work with you in order to protect your privacy. For more information, please visit the Friends of 88.5 Privacy Policy.
  • Is my contribution tax deductible?
    KNKX is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions to KNKX may be tax deductible. The fair market value of thank you gifts that you may receive will be subtracted from the amount of your contribution on your receipt. If you have any questions about tax deductions, please check with your tax adviser or financial planner.
  • Where can I find the Annual Report?
    You can find the annual report on the About Us page of our website.

Questions about joining the KNKX Leadership Circle or the Lifetime Listener Society?
Kaarin Austin
☎ 253-993-5616

Questions about joining the KNKX Partner Circle?
Kaisa Lightfoot
☎ 253-993-5631