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Steamers, Keg-Sized And Small, And Other Kitchen Gears We Own But Don't Use

Brenda Goldstein
"That's too much steamer for me," says Nancy Leson.

I can't even remember exactly where or when I bought the monster steamer pictured above, but it's been at least 30 years. I've given it plenty of use over the decades but it's always been way more steamer than I needed. 

Finally, after a few not so gentle nudges from DeGroot (she should talk about clutter!), I figured I'd fob it off on Leson in exchange for her more practical-sized utensil. But nooooooo..."Stein, that's the biggest steamer I've seen since the last time I was in some dim sum palace, staring into the kitchen," she said. To which I agreed. And observed that the one she scored at Goodwill for $6.95 was just the size I was after. But no go. 

"That steamer's too big for me. It's the size of a beer keg," she marveled.

All of which led us into a discussion of kitchen gear we don't use anymore and would like to get rid of. Which led to a great idea: Why not get all that stuff together to trade with cooking friends in a kitchen-gear swap meet? It may be junk to you, but maybe some of the cooks you know will want it — until it becomes junk to them, too.

So what piece of kitchen clutter are you never using but still keeping around?

P.S. In the end, she gave me her small steamer, anyway. Thanks, Nance!

"Dolly Parton made me chicken and dumplings. That Tennessee woman can burn some pots! And you know I am not necessarily shy to a fork."

– Queen Latifah

Dick Stein joined KNKX in January 1992. He retired in 2020 after three decades on air. During his storied radio career, he hosted the morning jazz show, co-hosted and produced "Food for Thought" with Nancy Leson and wrote and directed the Jimmy Jazzoid live radio musical comedies and 100 episodes of Jazz Kitchen.