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Bacon IN your coffee? Seattle’s Best to sell bacon-flavored joe


Apparently bacon goes with everything … including in and not just with coffee.

Seattle’s Best Coffee held a series of contests for a new coffee recipe and the winner, from Des Moines, infused her coffee concoction with caramelized bacon.

“After searching across state fairs in California, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, as well as on Facebook this summer, Seattle’s Best Coffee and TV Chef Jeff Mauro have found the most imaginative new coffee drink in the nation,” the company said in a press release.

Eileen Gannon won the “Red Cup Showdown” for the drink she refers to as “How to Win a Guy with One Sip.” She won $10,000 and the chance to see her coffee drink featured in participating Seattle’s Best Coffee locations across North America. The Seattle's Best brand is owned by Starbucks.

“We wanted to see how Seattle’s Best Coffee could be reinvented, and Eileen Gannon really turned coffee on its head with an amazing combination of caramelized bacon and subtle hints of pumpkin pie spice,” said TV Chef Jeff Mauro in the press release.

No word yet on what stores will carry the drink. You can make your own, however: Recipe here.

Studding foods with bacon seems to a recipe for success among global food brands seeking media and online attention, the New York Daily News adds to this story.

Following family restaurant chain Denny's wild success with its Maple Bacon Sundae last year, Burger King likewise created a mild frenzy when it decided to launch a Bacon Sundae made with soft serve ice cream, caramel sauce and smoked bacon, the paper wrote.

Also, you can make "bacon infused mocha coffee" with this recipe from Phoenix

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