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Return To The Salish Sea: Visionary Bert Webber

Bellamy Pailthorp
Bert Webber in front of a map of the Salish Sea

Bert Webber is the man who coined the phrase "Salish Sea." He is a professor emeritus from Huxley College at Western Washington University in Bellingham.

Webber says while it may be easy to see the Salish Sea as separate waterways, those waterways actually make up one ecosystem that goes beyond political borders.

"If you see something, a place that doesn't have a name, there's that old kind of rule of thumb that you can't know something that doesn't have a name," Webber said. "So this ecosystem needed a name."

Webber sat down with KNKX to talk about naming the Salish Sea and the future of this shared ecosystem as part of our weekly series Return To The Salish Sea. That link will take you to our project website where you can see a map of the Salish Sea and read more about how we came to know these waters by that name.

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