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NW Zen Community to hold public memorial to Japan disaster victims

David Guttenfelder
A Japanese soldier holds a stretcher as his fellow military members search for victims in the earthquake and tsunami ravaged city of Kesennuma, Japan March 27. The NW Zen Community is holding a memorial to the victims at Seattle University on Sunday.

The public is invited to a special memorial service for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of northeastern Japan in March.

The service is being held by the Northwest Zen Community at St. Ignatius Chapel on the Seattle University campus at 1:30 p.m. this Sunday (May 15).

Resident priest Kosho Itagaki says in a news release:

"We will pray for the victims of this disastrous earthquake, and we hope to come together beyond any differences in ethnic, racial, linguistic and religious backgrounds...over ten thousand are confirmed dead and another sixteen thousand are still missing. As a Zen priest, I believe, as do many religious leaders, that at the root we all share our basic humanity and that this is reason enough for us all to come together during this painful time for the people of Japan."

St. Ignatius Chapel is located at 901 12th Ave Seattle, Washington 98122.   Click for map here.