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OSU Board Postpones Vote On Tuition Increase

Protesters interrupted the Oregon State University Board of Trustees meeting last Friday over a proposed tuition increase. The Board postponed their vote until further notice.

OSU is considering a 4 percent increase in tuition for resident undergraduates and 2 percent for non-residents. The board adjourned last week after a group marched into the meeting room, locked arms and chanted protests. OSU Spokesman Steve Clark says OSU is facing reduced funding from the state.

“What we’re seeing is that the public universities are being slighted in the governor’s budget in comparison with other state agencies. And we’re just asking for what other state agencies are being provided, so that we can invest in student success without having students have to pay for everything, without having to cut and cut and cut,” said Clark.

Clark says OSU is making cuts in other areas, but also trying to increase its financial aid programs for students.

Clark says the university will soon announce a new date for the Board of Trustees to vote on a tuition increase.

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