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Student achievement flat in Oregon and Washington

Student achievement in Oregon and Washington isn't improving or declining, according to results released Tuesday by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

The bi-annual "Nation's Report Card" shows Oregon 4th graders scoring just below the national average on both Reading and Math. Oregon 8th graders are statistically tied with the nation as a whole. Christine Miles with the Oregon Department of Education says the results are basically flat.

Miles: "What we did see is that our students held steady for this year, so there weren't any huge statistical changes in the report card. But again, this just gives us a snapshot of how our 4th and 8th graders are doing compared to other states.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress tests 4th and 8th graders across the country, using the same test. That compares achievement results across state lines. Washington's results are also mostly unchanged from the last report, two years ago. But Washington students are generally at, or slightly above, the national average.