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Seattle University puts basketball coach on administrative leave

Jim Hayford
Elaine Thompson
The Associated Press file
Seattle University head coach Jim Hayford talks with an official during a basketball game against UW on Nov. 24, 2017, in Seattle.

Seattle University has placed basketball coach Jim Hayford on administrative leave.

Seattle athletic director Shaney Fink confirmed the move in a statement Saturday.

Citing unidentified sources, Stadium reported that a Black player for Seattle alleged Hayford used a racial slur during a scrimmage Thursday. The report stated the player used the slur during the scrimmage and, after being informed by game officials, Hayford repeated it in an effort to curtail its use.

The report said Hayford also repeated the word after a player used it during the summer.

Stadium's report said Hayford apologized Friday, but the majority of players were refusing to play for him. Fink said Hayford was placed on leave Friday.

Hayford has been at Seattle the previous four seasons and has a 64-55 overall record. Prior to that, he was the head coach at Eastern Washington.

Associate head coach Chris Victor will direct the team. He is in his fifth year with the program.