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Fans Help Seahawks Soar to New Heights

Scott Eklund
AP Photo
Seattle Seahawks fans cheer as they hold a 12th Man flag in the Monday Night Football match-up against the Saints in Seattle.

There’s no place like home. That’s definitely true for the Seattle Seahawks. They’re undefeated at CenturyLink Field this season with a margin of victory that hasn’t been seen in the NFL in 40 years.

KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel says the Seahawks will move a step closer to having home field advantage in the playoffs if they beat the 49ers on Sunday in San Francisco, a place where they haven’t won since 2008.'Remarkable Phenomenon'

The Seahawks 12th man is definitely an MVP this season.

"There is a phenomenon happening here with the crowd interaction and game outcomes. It's really quite remarkable," Art said.

Monday Night Mojo

"What's happening here is a degree of fan involvement that's really influencing outcomes. The Monday night game against the Saints was a prime example of a team totally intimidated by the environment," Art said. 

The Saints coach has admitted they screwed up their first play of the game when quarterback Drew Brees changed the direction of a running play. Half the team heard the change and the other half didn't. The team suffered a four-yard loss. Art said they never really recovered, losing 34-7.

Special ear pieces to try to combat the noise didn't seem to make a difference. "They did everything they could in preparation and they got out there and fell apart," he said.

Not Just Winning At Home, Winning Big

The win secured a playoff berth for the Seahawks. According to analysis by Sportspress Northwest, the average margin of victory in the Seahawks' 14-game home winning streak has not been replicated since the 1972-72 Miami Dolphins.

"They're winning games by 18 points and that's just domination you do not see in the NFL," Art said.

"There's such competitive parity in the league yet the Seahawks have just become so formidable at home that the national pundits are looking at this and saying 'these guys are unbeatable at home.' That's why the home field advantage in this particular playoffs has always been (coach) Pete Carroll's goal."

Seahawks Talent + Loudest Fans = Super Bowl?

The Seahawks could clinch the NFC West Division title with a win over the 49ers on Sunday. They haven't won in San Francisco since 2008, but Art thinks they will on Sunday. He says a victory against the 49ers will move the Hawks even closer to securing home field advantage for the playoffs.

"A lot of people thought Seattle was just a passive place of a bunch of tree-huggers. No. They are fully engaged in being sports fans and influential in the outcome."

You can find Art Thiel's work at Sportspress Northwest and