'Triple chrome-plated and made in the finest tradition' | KNKX

'Triple chrome-plated and made in the finest tradition'

Apr 24, 2013

So says the Hostess company of its frozen food saw. I hadn't known there even was a tradition for frozen food saws. I do know that the Hostess company would never exaggerate, so probably the tradition they mean is that of medieval surgical tools. 

That's a pretty nice haul of retro kitchen gear Nancy brought back from her mother-in-law's apartment in Chicago. Don't you find the Eat and Grow Slim booklet especially poignant? And of course, what household today could possibly muddle through without a set of Loxley pastry forks? Are we peasants?

What prized kitchen gear have you inherited? Do tell. 

Q:"Who was that ladle I saw you with last night?"

A: "That was no ladle; that was my knife."

– Ancient Roman proverb