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These Sichuan ribs will melt your head

Jun 19, 2013

I knew that  recipe was dangerous the moment I saw it. Six Thai peppers? A half cup of chile oil? And that was just the start of the hot stuff. Naturally, I couldn't wait to make it. 

Because he'll eat anything (except tofu), I invited Weekend Edition host Kevin Kniestedt over to have some. We were in agony. And we couldn't stop. Maybe you'd like to try it.

Here's the link to Saveur Magazine's Lu Rou Triple Cooked Spareribs.

I also talked to Nancy Leson about those Cantonese barbecue ribs from the old0school Chinese American restaurants. She claims to be able to put them out within one hour.  Where in the world would she get the idea that good results could be obtained without at least a few hours  in the marinade?  Oh. Right here.

Me? I prefer Molly Stevens's method from her All About Roasting, which asks for eight to 12 hours marinating time and roasts at lower heat.  Her recipe is actually for char siu—Chinese BBQ pork, but it's worked fine for me on those little, short-cut back ribs. Plus it includes whiskey!

"So many rib recipes, so little room inside the waistband."

– R.J. Stein